Paragliding resumes in Bir Billing – February 2022 Update

Paragliding resumed in Bir Billing and Dharamsala today after a week-long closure owing to the International T20 Cricket Match happening in Dharamsala last week by the order of the Superintendent of Police, Kangra at Dharamsala.

Tandem paragliding activities in the district Kangra are expected to remain operational through the month of March and April. Guests of ParaBooking can expect to enjoy its World-class services with an immaculate safety record whilst paragliding in Bir Billing and Dharamsala.

ParaBooking is now accepting advance bookings for all varieties of Tandem Paragliding services it offers in the region, including Classic Paragliding (Top Down), Prime Paragliding (Thermalling), and Cross Country (XC) Paragliding.