Paragliding is closed for the season; See you again in September 2022

Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh is closed for the Season. Most adventure activities in the state including paragliding and river rafting are stopped between 15 July and 15 September every year owing to the Monsoons.

Tandem paragliding activities in Himachal Pradesh are slated to resume from 15th September onwards. In fact, the month of October is one of the best times to paraglide in Bir-Billing. Many paragliders from all over the World come to Bir Billing to enjoy Cross Country (XC) Paragliding owing to excellent thermic conditions in the valley.

Travellers and flying enthusiasts planning ahead can book their tandem paragliding experiences in advance and make use of ParaBooking’s flexible cancellation and refund policy. We cannot wait to see you again 🙂