Paragliding in Bir Billing temporarily closed – November 2021 Update

Tandem Paragliding in Bir Billing is closed between 21-22 November 2021 because of a paragliding accident in the region. All paragliding operators in Bir Billing have been advised to shut tandem paragliding operations. Bir Billing operations of ParaBooking has stopped taking new bookings until 25 November.

All guests who are booked with ParaBooking are being offered either a free reschedule, or full refunds on their booking. However, operations in Kullu Manali (Dobhi) remain unaffected and guests can continue to book in this location.

At ParaBooking, we’re on a mission to provide the safest paragliding experience to guests visiting Himachal Pradesh. All our pilots are experts with experience of at least 8 years and an impeccable safety record. We use quality paragliding equipment which undergoes a regular safety inspection. We’re one of the few operators to offer rescue and medic insurance bundled with every paragliding package, and use a Reserve Parachute on all flights for added safety.

Guests booking with ParaBooking can trust us to provide a safe and quality paragliding experience for you and your family.