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Tandem Paragliding in manali

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We are a team of flying enthusiasts who care for the safety and security of anyone who comes to Manali, Himachal Pradesh for paragliding and make your booking experience seamless. Safety of our patrons is our priority; all our tandem paragliding flights include free insurance, use of reserve parachute, free GoPro video to make your flight a joyous, memorable, and safe experience.

  • Focus on Safety
  • Instant Booking
  • Flexible Refunds
  • Customer Support

About Paragliding in Manali & Kullu Valley

Manali (in Kullu valley, Himachal Pradesh) is one of the popular and most visited destinations to experience Tandem Paraglidnig in India. There are multipe sites in Manali where one can go Paragliding. The most popular site, Dobhi, is located 21 Km from Manali and takes about 30 minutes to reach. Distance from Kullu is 19 Km with a drive time of 30 minutes.

ParaBooking operates Tandem Paragliding in Dobhi with 5 expert pilots who are licensed with the Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Kullu. All our equipment is inspected and certified. We’re one of the few operators who employ the use of a Reserve Parachutes, and only operator to insure all flights for passengers. The price one pays include flight insurance, transportation to and from the pickup point, GoPro videos, everything required to make ones experience joyous, safe, and memorable.

Nestled between the tourist hotspots of Manali and Kullu, Dobhi is one of the prime locations in the Kullu valley to experience Tandem Paragliding. A meeting point of Outer Himalayas and the Higher Himalayas, Dobhi is surrounded by waterfalls and river streams, and the valley is dissected by the river Beas. Paragliding from this quaint village can be rewarding with the magnificent views of the Pir Panjal Ranges to the north, Dhauladhar ranges in the West, and the Shivalik Ranges to the East.

Paragliding in Kullu Manali


Happy paraglider in Bir-Billing

I tried paragliding for the first time. It was a wonderful experience. The view from above was breathtaking. The pilot who accompanied me gave me clear instructions and therefore the flight was smooth and enjoyable. I’d definitely recommend paragliding with ParaBooking to everyone.

Ishita Kamath / Mumbai

It was a great experience. The pilot was very experienced and gave clear instructions regarding the take-off. Overall, an amazing experience.

Rohit Roy / Bengaluru
Tandem paragliders in Bir-Billing with snow-covered mountains

Detailed briefing by the pilot made me comfortable even before my knees hit the breeze. Even the booking experience was pretty seamless. Would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a safe flight.

Gajender / New Delhi


Paragliding Counter #2, Dobhi, Himachal Pradesh


Frequently Asked Questions

About Paragliding in Kullu Manali

General questions about Paragliding in Manali

A good and safe paragliding experience in Manali starts from Rs 2,500. If you have booked with ParaBooking, the cost includes transportation to the take-off site, and back from the landing site, cost of the GoPro video, flight insurance, and GST.

Kullu and Manali has multiple spots where one can experience tandem paragliding. The most popular and safe spot is Dobhi (near Naggar), 19Kms from the town of Manali.

Paragliding in Manali (Dobhi site) is operational all year round, except for the two months of the Monsoons. Paragliding can be dangerous in the rains, and therefore, the site is shut from 15 July to 15 September.

The month of October is one of the best months to experience paragliding in Manali, with good sunshine, wind, and thermals to enhance the experience. There is also scope to experience a good cross country (XC) paragliding flight during this period.

The take-off site at Falyn is at an elevation of 2040m (6700ft), and the landing site is located at an altitude of 1400m (4600ft). With tandem paragliding, one can achieve a maximum height of 2500m (8000ft).

Booking related questions for Paragliding in Manali

Bookings at our website open 2 months in advance. You should book your tandem paragliding experience at least one day in advance. However, we recommend booking three days in advance so we can match the best pilot and equipment to suit your physical profile.

In the case of festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, etc, we recommend booking at least 7 days in advance.

No. All paragliding flights booked with us include the use of GoPro, weather you choose to carry the GoPro or not. Please note that we donot offer any discounts even if you choose not to take the video.

No, you must arrange your own transportation to the meetup location in Dobhi.

However transportation from the meet-up point to the take-off site, and back from the landing site to the meet-up location is included in the cost of paragliding.

In the case when the weather is playing a spoilt sport and you cannot go paragliding, you’re offered free rescheduling. In the case, you cannot go paragliding on the rescheduled date, you are offered full refund as illustrated in our refund policy document.

Yes, transportation from the meet-up point in Dobhi to the take-off site, and back from the landing site to the meet-up point is included in your paragliding package.

The take-off site is located at Falayn, and the landing site is near the Tibetan Colony in Dobhi.

You can book your paragliding experience in Manali from the ParaBooking website.

Yes, you can book your paragliding experience in Kullu Manali from the ParaBooking website.

No. We’re experts in providing Tandem Paragliding experiences in Himachal Pradesh, and donot offer any other adventure activity in the region.

At ParaBooking, we’re the Masters of Paragliding and we want you to have the best experience. We’re one of the few operators to include a reserve parachute for your safety, and the only operator to include free insurance with every flight. All our pilots are highly experienced and licensed. Our paragliding equipment undergo regular and rigourous checks every few months, a visual inspection done before each flight.

We donot believe in cutting corners when it comes to the safety of our patrons, and we want you to have a memorable flying experience that you will cherish forever 🙂

Questions related to the Paragliding Experience in Manali

Wear comfortable clothes; something that gives you the freedom to move around… There is quite an elevation gain between the pickup point/landing and the take-off site, and it may get difficult to assess if you need extra layers. We advise all paragliders to wear a thermal/fleece/jumper in summers and wear a thick jacket with wind protection and gloves for winter flights. Wearing good running/hiking shoes is mandatory for all flights.

Once you arrive at the meet-up location in Dobhi, allow for at least 2 hours for the whole experience to complete. During peak season, there can be traffic jams on the highways and at the take-off site. Please account for unforseen delays that may arise beyond anyone’s control.

The actual flight time at Dobhi paraglidnig site varies from 7 minutes to 10 minutes, depending on the weather (flight) conditions on the given day.

For your safety, we donot permit the use camera or cell phone during the flight. All valuables, including your camera, wallet, phone must be safely stowed in the harness. Please consult your pilot for best storage options before your flight. Neither your pilot, nor ParaBooking can be held responsible for any loss of personal items or valuables.

Once you landed, your pilot will transfer the video/photos from your GoPro to your phone.

Questions related to Paragliding Safety

Like any adventure activity, paragliding comes with certain risks. However, we at ParaBooking take every precaution to minimise the risks involved by following the best practices. Please trust us and your pilot to make the right decision.

A reserve parachute can be a lifeline in an expremely rare scenario where the glider has malfunctioned. In such a scenario, your pilot is trained to deploy the reserve which can parachute you to safety.

Yes, we’re pleased to inform you that all our paragliding flights are covered under paragliding insurance offered by our insurance provider ASC360. Please check their website for details on the coverage, terms and conditions of their policy.

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