“Maska” Star Prit Kamani takes off to the skies and flies like a bird!

'Maska' star Prit Kamani experiencing the joy of Paragliding with ParaBooking

Yes, Prit Kamani took off the cliff in a paraglider with the trusted pilots at ParaBooking, book your flight here and read on to read Prit’s inspiring journey. 

As a starry-eyed kid in Rajkot who loved to mimic, act, do “dialoguebaazi”, Prit Kamani found his inner treasure early on. Although the stage was small, the young Prit won the hearts of his audience with his serene presence, quirks and a smile that still brightens up everyone’s days. But before you think his journey from a small town of Gujarat to the plush studios of Mumbai was as “Maska” as his Netflix India debut, let us cut to a flashback.

A Long Road for Prit Kamani from Rajkot to The Maximum City

The method and the madness for acting drive thousands of people to Mumbai. Yet it takes an edge to find one’s feet there. Fortunately, Prit found hope in his parents’ eyes. Despite a stable business in Rajkot, his father gave it all up after the earthquake of 2001 and decided to move to Mumbai to encourage Prit. With constant support from his parents, Prit juggled between school, auditions, TV shows on Nickelodeon, Pogo. At the same time, he excelled at sports, music, dance and made the most of every opportunity that came his way.

Knocking on the Doors and Breaking Them

They say it is all about the journey and not the destination. To Prit, the daily grind of going to auditions, maintaining good grades at school felt like a cakewalk even though it was not. That’s the passion that separates successful people from the crowd, right?

From topping the inter-collegiate competitions to facing every rejection with a smile, Prit kept moving forward even when life pulled him back. He observed his directors, co-actors, the crew of every show/film he was a part of. He kept learning through thick and thin. As Universe would have it, one fine day, that relentlessness gave him a break in a Pepsi ad. Soon it led to the Tata Sky Ad and before he could fathom it, he started getting offers for hosting TV shows, award functions. 

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Prit Kamani: The Star is Born

Prit’s big break happened the day he shared the stage with Sharukh Khan, Karan Johar and more who’s who of the Indian Cinema. However, his rooted nature and constant family backing remained the wind beneath his wings and stopped him from becoming smug. He persevered like a Master yet his behaviour on any set was like a disciple. 

Global brands like Apple, Cadbury, Nestle were quick enough to notice it and they signed Prit for a series of commercials. Popular TV shows like Dil Hai Hindustani, Arrived also came his way. Rajshri Films also signed him up for their film Hum Chaar.

Along with acting, Prit also directed and produced a short film, Takhab, awarded National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and his short film #Letters broke YouTube. 

While the world stopped during the pandemic, he won everyone’s hearts with his performance in Netflix’s Maska as a sweet Parsi boy.

The Search for the True Self by Prit Kamani

Watch Prit Kamani’s experience Paragliding in Bir-Billing

While Prit has turned successful at quite a young age, his inner artist pushes him to remain the student of life. That’s why Prit travels whenever he finds time. He cherishes the time he gets to spend with Nature. Meeting new people, trying out local food, talking with strangers on the road opens up his mind. He takes all these vivid experiences from his adventures across India and the globe and channelizes them through his acting.

We were glad to host him at Bir and his enthusiasm to explore paragliding made the entire ParaBooking team smile from ear to ear. His always “Majja ma re tu majja ma!” (Always be happy!) attitude made our pilots feel very gratifying while Prit experiences the joy of flying like a child. For that uninhibited laughter, unforgettable memories and piping hot chai sipped up in the air, we would love to host Prit again. We hope he signs more films but also travels often. Because that’s the true “Maska” of life, no?

If you also feel like experiencing the joy of flying like Prit, plan your trip to Bir it before your work takes over you! 

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