How ParaBooking helped Vipin Sahu overcome his fear of Paragliding?

The Paraglidig Man Vipin Sahu facing his fears by Paragliding again at Bir-Billing with ParaBooking

You’ve all seen this video of a paragliding man screaming “Bhai 100-200 jyada lele lekin land kara de” and the fear in Vipin Sahu, the now celebrity Instagrammer. But he took the challenge again with the safety of ParaBooking and overcame his fear.  You can do it too by flying with us and read on to see how Vipin did it! 

Whether you are a hustling millennial or a go-getter Gen Z, unless you got deserted on an island, you would have certainly seen a video of a terrified Indian man who suffered his time while paragliding. Part funny, part relatable, that self-shot video got viral and it took days for Vipin Sahu to fathom that he indeed has become an Internet sensation and that too because of his acrophobia and sense of humour. Strange, right?  From memes till tweetstorms, Vipin got everyone’s attention. His honest feelings while flying, fear of height and a strict pilot who reprimanded him to stay sane made the Internet laugh. 

To refresh your memory a bit, we highly recommend that you watch this video:

The Paragliding Man Vipin Sahu’s Tryst with Fame

What happened next is nothing but what magic looks like! Vipin got selected for Roadies, all thanks to that video. His YouTube channel picked up more than ever before and brand collaborations followed and that video ended up getting more than 15M views. After all, everyone was curious to know who this paragliding man is and why the Internet is going crazy behind him! 

Although all of it pleasantly shook Vipin, he decided to take it all in stride and make the most of the fortune that had favoured him after years of posting videos on the Internet. With his knack to be honest with everyone be it the spunky judges of Roadies or his Internet fame, wittiness and an ability to take a joke, he quickly became a respectable Internet sensation.

However, there was something that still kept him awake at night. It pushed him to retrospect and fathom what actually happened and how things added up to take his life to the next level. He realized that while he was being loved by people for his authenticity, spontaneity, a few of them even made fun of him for his fear. It hit him hard as the mockery came from close quarters of extended family and friends as well. After back to back sleepless nights, Vipin rolled up his sleeves to change it for once and all.

From Screaming to Drinking Chai Up in the Air with ParaBooking

Vipin Sahu experiencing the joy of flying with ParaBooking

It’s one thing to accept your fear and it’s something else to face it head on. Vipin decided to go paragliding once again and rewrite his name in history. He searched for months for good paragliding coaches or pilots but none of them could convince him. Then serendipity did her thing and Vipin came across ParaBooking, a tandem paragliding company based out of Bir that offers safe,seamless, expert guided flights to enthusiasts. Out of curiosity, Vipin checked out all their offerings, affordable prices and decided to give flying a shot once again.

He reached out to the ParaBooking team and was relieved to find relentless support from them all through being in a dilemma for taking a flight again till actually taking one. 

While he screamed out of fear last time, this time, Vipin was all chatty in the air and cracked jokes with his friendly pilot. He clicked selfies, shot a video again and also enjoyed a cup of chai. Who could have imagined?

Cut to the landing and Vipin profusely thanked ParaBooking for giving him an experience of a lifetime and for helping him beat his acrophobia, one step at a time.

After an amazing second flight unlike the earlier one, Vipin finally felt good about himself. He uploaded a video again and the Internet broke again but this time with more respect, admiration for Vipin. The mockers became a laughing stock while seeing Vipin drink chai in the air this time. And it makes us believe that it all starts with you. Love yourself, motivate yourself and you would indeed surpass your limitations. See Vipin doing that:

So, fellow humans, if you are looking for that push, some inspiration to combat your fear, start-up or just refresh your life for good, we say take inspiration from Vipin Sahu and just do it! And to experience the joy of flying you know ParaBooking has got you covered, right?

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