“Maska” Star Prit Kamani takes off to the skies and flies like a bird!

'Maska' star Prit Kamani experiencing the joy of Paragliding with ParaBooking

Yes, Prit Kamani took off the cliff in a paraglider with the trusted pilots at ParaBooking, book your flight here and read on to read Prit’s inspiring journey.  As a starry-eyed kid in Rajkot who loved to mimic, act, do “dialoguebaazi”, Prit Kamani found his inner treasure early on. Although the stage was small, the […]

Meet the Solo Women Paragliders Soaring the Sky in Bir Billing

Solo Women Paragliders in Bir-Billing

Himachal Pradesh is home to some of the most stunning mountain towns.  Engulfed by the Western Himalayas, this state is one of the uber-popular paragliding places in India. Especially, Bir-Billing is known for all its adventure activities. We’re sure if you’re a travel and adventure enthusiast, you’d have heard of Bir Billing and the paragliding […]