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“Maska” Star Prit Kamani takes off to the skies and flies like a bird!

'Maska' star Prit Kamani experiencing the joy of Paragliding with ParaBooking

Yes, Prit Kamani took off the cliff in a paraglider with the trusted pilots at ParaBooking, book your flight here and read on to read Prit’s inspiring journey.  As a starry-eyed kid in Rajkot who loved to mimic, act, do “dialoguebaazi”, Prit Kamani found his inner treasure early on. Although the stage was small, the […]

How ParaBooking helped Vipin Sahu overcome his fear of Paragliding?

The Paraglidig Man Vipin Sahu facing his fears by Paragliding again at Bir-Billing with ParaBooking

You’ve all seen this video of a paragliding man screaming “Bhai 100-200 jyada lele lekin land kara de” and the fear in Vipin Sahu, the now celebrity Instagrammer. But he took the challenge again with the safety of ParaBooking and overcame his fear.  You can do it too by flying with us and read on […]

Meet the Solo Women Paragliders Soaring the Sky in Bir Billing

Solo Women Paragliders in Bir-Billing

Himachal Pradesh is home to some of the most stunning mountain towns.  Engulfed by the Western Himalayas, this state is one of the uber-popular paragliding places in India. Especially, Bir-Billing is known for all its adventure activities. We’re sure if you’re a travel and adventure enthusiast, you’d have heard of Bir Billing and the paragliding […]